Tennis Court Design

Tennis court design is concerned with all aspect of the tennis court including the playing field, netting attachment, and drainage.

Why do I need an engineer for tennis court design?

Although simple in concept, a good tennis court requires an in depth knowledge of civil engineering to design. An important aspect such as North/South orientation is crucial to reduce glare and therefore allow playability at anytime of the day.

Likewise, adjacent structures and features need to be considered to reduce wind effect during matches. Indoor tennis courts on the other hand require good acoustics as well as bounce rate for the timber material.

Types of tennis court design

Most common tennis court designs are:

  • Concrete / asphalt design: Hard courts such as concrete and asphalt offers players a more consistent bounce directions as well as higher and faster bounce. This type of court is the easiest to maintain.
  • Clay design: Clay courts offer much slower paced games. It usually consists of crushed rocks, shale, and bricks. Clay courts absorb more energy from the balls, which results in much slower bounce. Clay courts are very expensive to maintain.
  • Grass / carpet design: Grass or carpet courts are somewhere in between concrete and clay. The bounce directions are less predictable in grass than in any other courts. The maintenance cost is also somewhat in between concrete & clay. Carpet courts however, are cheaper to maintain.

There are many other types of tennis court that you can choose from such as acrylic, wood and canvas.

Choose Neilly Davies for Your Tennis Court Design

Neilly Davies has provided tennis court design for many leading schools in Sydney such The Kings School, Knox Grammar, and Sydney Grammar School. Our specialist consulting engineers have designed tennis courts for both residential and commercial use including schools and stadium courts.

For more information about our tennis court design services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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