What is Shoring?

Shoring, propping or bracing is the process of providing temporary support to a structure in order to prevent collapse so that excavation and construction activities may continue. Largely, shoring is used when constructing a basement or the installation of piles or other sub ground work. Trenching support is a smaller version of shoring. It is usually used in shallow and narrow excavations to lay down some water pipes or telecom lines.

Cantilever shoring

Cantilever shoring is the type of shoring where a pile or pile sheets are driven into the ground before any excavation begins. The resistance provided by this type of shoring comes from the moment produced at the foot of the excavation. Generally, the deeper the piles are driven below the excavation depth, the more resistance the piles can exert. Deeper excavation requires even deeper pile depth.

The piles can be arranged tightly next to each other to form a wall, or in intervals (with metal sheets in between to hold back the soil). These vertical piles are usually called ‘soldiers’ in the industry, and are usually Universal beams, channel sections, concrete piles or timber piles.

Anchored shoring

Anchored shoring, as the name suggests, provides resistance by an anchorage to the shoring wall. There are three types of anchors that the shoring can be attached to; Dead man anchors, rock anchors, and soil anchors. The soil anchors are the weakest of the three, but are the most flexible.

Anchored shoring is popular with deep excavations. The amount of anchors needed depends on the soil type, anchor specification, and the soil loading on the adjacent properties. Some soil anchors are unusually long, to provide the necessary grips on soft soil, or even to clear local greasy backs.

The right engineering advice is critical

It is important to seek a professional engineering advice when it comes to shoring. This is because, if a deflection (movement in soil) were to occur, it may damage nearby properties or buildings, potentially inviting litigation. We have seen a deflection of only 12mm that has caused a construction company to go bankrupt.

Why choose Neilly Davies for shoring?

Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers are the unrivalled leaders in shoring design and the supervision of shoring work. Our structural and geotechnical engineers are aided by our large scale ever-evolving network of builders to whom we provide structural design for swimming pools, residential alterations and additions and large renovations including large developments.

We understand the importance of mitigating deflection in a shoring system. Our shoring service also includes a trenching and dewatering plan (to lower the water table) to suit your specific construction needs.

Our shoring services include:

  • Shoring design, management and advice.
  • Excavation, shoring, and trenching supervision
  • Soil stability study

For more information about our shoring services or to discuss your project in more detail call us now on 1300 730 340.

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