Lift Core Design

Our structural engineers have designed lift cores for commercial installations, retail outlets, office developments, schools and colleges, hospitals, leisure centres, and designer residential homes. A great deal of the company’s work is bespoke to suit the requirements of specific building projects and contemporary design challenges.

What are involved in Lift core design Services?

The lift core in a building is one means whereby one may travel from the level of one floor to another. RCC concrete core walls or steel frames with open sections are commonly used in practice as a lateral load resistant system for multi-storey buildings.

Why choose Neilly Davies to lift core design Services?

Extensive knowledge and experience of the whole process offers you the opportunity to specify unique features and incorporate key structural details whilst being assured that your bespoke lift core design is then manufactured to comply with building regulations in the most cost effective manner.

The latest 3D CAD technology is used and full production structural drawings are produced for all steel and RCC lift core complex details.

For more information about our Lift Core Design services, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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