Foundation Design

As the lowest and supporting layer of the structure, the foundation is a critical part of any building and must be carefully designed.

Foundation types

Foundations can be divided into two types, deep and shallow foundations

Piles – are a deep foundation. The primary purpose of a pile is to transfer the whole structure’s load onto a deeper layer of soil, which is generally harder than the top most layers. Piles can be further divided into two types, displacement piles and non displacement piles.

Displacement piles - Displacement piles are piles that are required to be driven into the ground. Most displacement piles are propriety products – so, each manufacturer has different specifications from the next.

Non displacement piles - are piles that are made in situ. Usually, a hole is drilled in the ground casing and reinforcements are placed, before the concrete is poured. However, faster methods such as Continuous Flight Auger are used.

Footings and bearings – Lighter structures such as residential housing may utilise spread footings as their foundation choice. The spread footings are popular on softer grounds as they spread the load over a larger area. Footings can be considered as shallow foundations.

There are many types of foundations to suit the different type of structure.

Choose Neilly Davies for your foundation design

The criticality of foundations as a structural element cannot be stressed enough. At Neilly Davies, we can design any foundation type to suit your project needs. We are capable of designing small foundations for residential housings or large piles and piers for multistorey commercial buildings.

Our foundation design expertise includes:

  • Non displacement and displacement piles
  • Pile Splicing
  • Spread Footings
  • In-situ or prefabricated piles
  • Screw Piers
  • A-frame piles

For more information about our Foundation design services, call us on 1300 730 340.

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