Formwork Design

Formwork is the components that ‘moulds’ the concrete mix into the desired shape. Falsework on the other hand are all the components that hold the formwork in place such as scaffolding as well as the temporary structures that hold the concrete until it gains strength to support itself.

The importance of formwork design

It is very important to consult an engineer when it comes to concrete and formwork construction. Wet concrete can be considered a fluid, so it is imperative to consider the pressure exerted on the formwork, especially around the base. The height of pour will increase the pressure as well, which is magnified in tall members such as columns and walls. The maximum height of pour is usually around 1.2 m. Sometimes, a pouring sequence needs to be prepared to prevent the formwork from deflecting (moving) due to pressure.

In general, formwork can be divided into three categories:

Timber formwork – This is the most traditional kind of formwork. The advantage of timber formwork is that it can virtually be used to form any concrete shape that is desired. However, timber formwork is costly for large projects, especially for a one-off shape which cannot be reused.

Propriety formwork – Propriety formwork is pre-manufactured to allow for ease of assembly and/or disassembly. The shapes that propriety formwork can achieve are often limited, which depends on the supplier. However, this kind of formwork is very effective in high-rise buildings of multistorey developments.

Lost formwork – Lost formwork is a type of formwork that is consumed after the concrete is poured. Generally, the formwork acts as a reinforcing member for the concrete component. Lost formwork is often made out of steel. This steel-concrete component can be considered a composite material. An example of a lost formwork is BONDEK that produces composite floors. (see slab design)

Why Neilly Davies for formwork design?

Timber formwork requires engineering expertise to design, this is especially so with complicated shapes, or difficult in-situ terrain.

Neilly Davies structural engineers have provided efficient, economical and safe formwork design solutions for the construction industry for over 35 years.

The focus of our formwork design is to provide low cost, ease of assembly designs to our clients. We can provide a formwork design as well as providing a recommendation on the pouring sequence to maximise time efficiency and reduce the materials needed for the formwork.

For more information about our formwork design services or to discuss your project in more detail call us now on 1300 730 340.

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