Design Verification Statement

Design Verification Statement

A Design Verification Statement confirms that a certifying authority (such as a council or private certifier such as Neilly Davies) has assessed the proposed or completed development or model of plant and is satisfied that it meets planning controls and national standards.

Why Do I Need a Design Verification Statement?

Most building, subdivision and manufacture of plant requires mandatory inspection and certification, whether it is the assessment of detailed plans for a high rise apartment, house plans assessed as complying development, or industrial tank designs for manufacture.

What is Involved Issuing a Design Verification Statement?

A design verification statement is typically conducted by a third party certifier or Council and includes a review of design calculations, detailed design drawings including materials specifications and manufacturing requirements, circuit diagrams, visual examination and testing of the plant.

Does Neilly Davies has the capacity to provide a Design Verification Statement? Neilly Davies consulting engineers are accredited private certifiers and offer various services from expert building advice and Building Code of Australia consultancy to PCA services including the issuing of Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates.

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