Flood Study

What is a Flood Study?

A Flood Study analyses the topography of the land together with the volume of the catchment area to determine the possible flood risk and behavior of flood water over a large area of land. A licensed cadastral surveyor and hydraulic engineer must together carry out this study.

Why Are Flood Studies Performed?

Flood Studies are often performed in newly developed areas, where the natural land formation has changed dramatically due to environmental or human factors. These studies are also performed when multiple flood events have occurred over a short period of time to investigate the cause and how to resolve and minimize the chance of future floods occuring.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Flood Study

Neilly Davies has over 35 years experience in flood impact assessment and the preparation of Flood Study Reports for state and local government requirements. No matter you project scale or complexity, you can rest assured Neilly Davies hydraulic engineers and surveyors have the experience and expertise to conduct an accurate and detailed flood study with recommendations for your project.

If you would like more information about our flood study services or to discuss any flood issues in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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