Stratum Subdivision

What is a stratum subdivision?

A stratum subdivision is a Torrens subdivision with one or more lots limited in height depth or both and can therefore provide for overlapping boundaries.

When are stratum subdivision surveys necessary?

A stratum subdivision plans are generally complex and are typically employed where there are 2 or more strata schemes in a single building, or for the absolute protection of views. Stratum subdivision plans can assist in developments where complex building designs rely on structural support of a building within one ownership over a separate ownership. Stratum subdivision plans also involve the creation of easements. Since there is no such concept as common areas (all parts of a building or parcel must be owned), the use of “common” areas requires the creation of a series of easements. These easements typically include:

  • Access for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Support and Shelter
  • Services
  • Light and Air Conditioning
  • Fire Egress
  • Right to use lifts, stairs, loading docks etc

Put simply, this type of subdivision allows someone to own services or structures over or under others land.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Stratum Subdivision

Our registered surveyors have extensive experience with both commercial and residential stratum developments from concept through to registration and creation of new Titles. We can also prepare stratum community plans and Part Building Strata plans.

If you would like more information about our stratum subdivision and surveying services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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