Redefinition Plans

Redefinition Plans are prepared by a registered surveyor when a parcel of land is resurveyed to confirm the location of property boundaries.

Redefinition plans, similar to Consolidation Plans, are used as a base plan for new strata schemes. Redefinition Plans are full plans of survey whereby the surveyor will define boundaries in the local area and then prepare a plan suitable for lodgement and registration at Land and Property Information.

Council does not need to sign a Redefinition Plan as land is not being subdivided nor is any road being defined and dedicated.

When do I need a Redefinition Plan?

Lots shown on very old deposited plans often need to be resurveyed to remove any ambiguities with regard to the location and dimensions of boundaries.

Some land has a limitation shown on the relevant Certificate of Title. Limited Title effectively means that the boundaries have not been investigated by Land and Property Information as the base plan is compiled and has been prepared from Old System deed descriptions.

In both these situations, redefinition plans are required.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Redefinition Plans

Our registered surveyors have extensive knowledge and expertise in earthwork volume surveying developed over 35 years.

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