Height and Building Certificate

A height and building certificate is required if you are planning on raising your house or starting new construction for a building higher than 8.5 metres. This must come from a licensed cadastral surveyor.

Determining the Original ‘Natural Surface’ or Ground Level

In many instances the Natural Surface is different to the existing or current ground levels due to cutting or filling of the land that may have occurred many years prior to you purchasing the land. Our licensed cadastral surveyors determine what the original "Natural Surface" was when the land was first subdivided.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Height and Building Certification

Our experienced cadastral surveyors can interpolate the natural surface levels from the original or historical contour survey information and then calculate the apex height before the dwelling is constructed or moved to its final position.

From this essential information we can supply you with the maximum amount the building can be raised prior to construction. Our surveyors will also check the building after it has been raised or constructed and provide certification for the authorities.

So before you start your new development ask for a Height and Build Certificate before you begin designing your new project, to ensure you have the correct surface levels.

If you would like more information about our Height and Building Certification services, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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