Consolidation Plans

Consolidation plans are prepared to amalgamate existing lots into one lot. The process is the opposite to subdivision.

Consolidation Plans do not require approval by Council and are often used as the base plan defining the parcel of a strata scheme.Plans can either be:

  • Compiled – prepared from existing deposited plan with no survey involved; or
  • Plans of survey – field survey and preparation of linen plan suitable for lodgement at Land and Property Information

A plan consolidating two or more parcels into one new parcel may be compiled provided:

  • the new lot consolidates two or more lots in an existing plan of survey or
  • the new lot consolidates two or more lots in two or more plans of survey, and the dimensions shown in those plans are consistent as to bearings and distances and
  • the parcels being consolidated are not Limited Title

Plans of consolidation based on compiled plans, survey plans with old, inconsistent or unreliable boundaries, or subject to Limited title must be defined by survey.

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