Pre-Purchase Inspection

What is a pre-purchase property inspection report?

Prior to purchasing a property, a pre-purchase inspection is carried out and a written report on the condition of the property is prepared. It will record any significant defects that the building has including cracking, sagging roof, rising damp, movement in the walls, and any safety hazards that the building may pose to the dweller.

The report assists the purchaser to assess the cost associated with any repair to the building being purchased and negotiate with the seller on the purchase value or have the satisfaction of purchasing a property that has no visible defects that can incur substantial repair costs.

A pre-purchase inspection could save thousands of dollars of repair costs in the future.

Why do I need a Pre-purchase inspection and report?

  • To detect any significant structural problems in advance
  • If a property is found with defects, you can negotiate on the purchase price to compensate on repair costs in the future
  • To obtain further advice on any major problems and how they may affect the property in the long run (see structural inspection and report)

If you are looking to purchase or invest in a property, ensure that you call Neilly Davies consulting engineers to conduct a Pre-purchase Inspection before committing your hard earned money on the property. A Pre-purchase inspection at Neilly Davies will provide you with a report on the property’s visible condition at the time of inspection.

For more information about our pre-purchase inspection services as consulting engineers, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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